Fellow Rotarian, Nathan Parker, who will retire on 28 February, reviewed his seven year tenure as Superintendent of the Summit Public Schools.

 Nathan felt it has been a privilege to work here and had high praise for the District, faculty and in particular, the system that allows the Mayor to appoint the Board for up to three, two year terms.  This almost guarantees not having “single issue” members and facilitates seating a diverse compliment of members.  Also, he noted the Board was extremely well informed and fully engaged in planning and managing the strategic direction of the System.

 Mayor Dickson added her cheers to Nathan for a job well done and as someone who it was a pleasure to work with.

 Finally, President Jim presented Nathan with the Paul Harris Fellow Award for his substantial contributions in education and for facilitating a strong and harmonious working relationship between Rotary and the Schools.

 All the best, Nathan.