Today we celebrated our 93rd consecutive ‘Scholarship Monday’.

In attendance were our six recipients as well as several proud parents. Also present were Summit School Superintendent, June Chang, New Providence School Superintendent Dave Miceli, Summit HS Principal, Stacy Grimaldi and NPHS Assistant Principal, Brian Henry.

This year’s recipients are Michelle Leung, NPHS, attending RPI, Anthony Cusumano, SHS, attending Lehigh, Hamail Iqbal, SHS and recipient of the Wilber Nelson scholarship, attending Rutgers, Tatyana Lewis, SHS, attending West Virginia U., Steve Molina, SHS and recipient of the Bud Smith scholarship, attending Princeton, and Keyshawn Reese, SHS, attending Montclair State.

These awards are based on academic achievement, community service as well as financial need. The Rotary is proud to recognize the outstanding qualities each of this year’s recipients have demonstrated over the past four years and we wish you well as you move on to the next phase of your education – congrats!

From left to right: SNP Rotary President, Melanie Cohn, Keyshawn Reese, Anthony Cusumano, Tatyana Lewis, Michelle Leung, Hamail Iqbal & Steve Molina