Posted on Jun 12, 2023
Today we had the distinct pleasure of awarding our 98th consecutive series of scholarships to five aspiring students from the Summit and New Providence high schools.  The Rotary gave our first scholarship to a young man named Phillip Dean in 1926.  He attended Colgate college and about three decades later served as Summit’s mayor.  We hope today’s recipients have similar successful journeys as they venture out.

In addition to our scholars and their proud family members, in attendance were Dave Miceli, superintendent of schools, New Providence, and Kristy McCauley, NPHS senior advisor, and Scott Hough, superintendent of schools, Summit, Stacy Grimaldi, SHS principal and Laura Kaplan, SHS senior advisor.

Our five scholarship recipients are: 
  1. Kanya Srithong, NPHS and the recipient of the Chandler Coddington scholarship.  Kanya will attend Drexel and study fashion design.
  2. Emma Vatoci, SHS and the recipient of the Wilbur Nelson scholarship.  Emma will attend Boston College and study economics.
  3. German Augie Barrantes, SHS, Seton Hall University.  Augie will study finance/sports management.
  4. Yenni Chacon Gonzales, SHS, Drew University.  Yenni will study business.
  5. Melissa Liang, SHS, Washington University, St. Louis.  Melissa will study business.
The SNP Rotary is proud of its nearly century-long support of our scholarship program and wish our current recipients all the best as they move on to their next major step in life.

Mike Katz, Augie, Melissa, Scott Hough, Yenni, Dave Miceli, Kanya, Emma, Eric Evers, Kristy McCauley