SNP Rotarians learn of advances in brain surgery
Monday, June 29, 2015
By: James Fleischmann

Monday’s speaker was Dr. Yaron Moshel, M.D., PhD., with Atlantic Health.

Dr. Moshel made a fascinating presentation on the current state of neurological surgery.  He showed how the tremendous advances in tomography through MRIs, ultrasound, etc., have allowed surgeons to operate with accuracy unimaginable twenty years ago.  Tumors in the brain, inoperable as recent as a decade ago can now be treated.  In addition, the heightened accuracy makes these procedures much safer with considerably less likelihood of collateral damage to surrounding brain tissue.

He also described how some surgeries are conducted “awake” allowing the surgeon to better assess procedures while operating.  New techniques were also described such as doing deep brain surgery by entering the brain through the nasal cavity, thereby having greater access with considerably less intrusive damage to the skull. 

Finally, Dr. Moshel discussed cutting edge techniques such as radio surgery (the Cyber-Knife) and advances in chemotherapy which involve harnessing the body’s immune system (immunotherapy) to combat some tumors.

Dr. Moshel then took questions – there were many.  All in all, a most interesting and informative presentation, and much appreciated by the Rotarians.