Posted on Oct 14, 2019

Today, about twenty SNP Rotarians affixed 530 labels to as many dictionaries which were then distributed to all the third grade students in both the Summit and New Providence public schools.

The New Providence schools received 200 books and the Summit schools, 330.

The rotary has been supporting the Dictionary Project for over twenty years. The dictionaries are specifically designed to be used by students in the age range of 8 to tens years old. The teachers love the project. The dictionaries are a great teaching tool because in addition to the traditional word definitions, there are maps, statistics, many lists such as Presidents of the US and other items designed to appeal to third graders.

A special thank you to Lauren Nisenson and Jay Leatherbee who assisted in transporting to the Hotel for labeling and then distribution to the schools.

Melanie Cohn, Mort O'Shea, President Don Steele, Jim Fleischmann & Ron Hutchinson